07 Oct

Laser whitening can offer several advantages compared to home whitening kits. First, you will be able to get faster results. The size of the treatment generally depends on the severity of the stains.  Get the treatment done at the dentist office near me. 

One Day Teeth Whitening Solution: 

Whomsoever you are a rich man or a poor man, everyone in the world desires to have a beautiful radiant smile. The Cosmetic Teeth Whitening industry provides effective treatments to make your teeth brighter. There are many kinds of teeth whitening kits available in the market, but not all can produce effective results. 

Laser Teeth Whitening : 

A laser teeth whitening procedure offers the best and fastest results of teeth whitening. You will be able to get a nice and bright smile within an hour from the dentist’s office. Therefore, the results are very quick. When you purchase a home teeth whitening kit you might be able to get whiter teeth but shades may be different. 

When you walk into the dentist’s office to get teeth whitening treatment, your Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me will clean your teeth first and apply the whitening gel over the teeth surface. After that, he/she will use laser light to penetrate the gel through the teeth’ enamel. The procedure can be completed in an hour. 

More Reasons to Go for a Laser Session: 

The cost of the laser treatment may vary depending on the expectations of the patients, depth of the stains, etc.  Teeth stains caused by aging, food, and smoking may be different. If you have deeper stains, your Dentist Teeth Whitening may recommend laser teeth whitener treatment that can be expensive. The money spent on the treatment is worth it as you will be able to get a clean white smile. 

Home teeth whitening kits are recommended for people who are suffering from teeth sensitivity. A dental laser whitening treatment can offer successful results if your teeth are sensitive. Moreover, home whitening kits have written instructions to be followed while you are performing the procedure at home. But if the instructions are not followed carefully you may have to suffer. 

However, tooth whitening home treatments do not cause any harm, until and unless the instructions are followed carefully. Moreover, the product can not be used after fourteen days. You may have to pay several dentist’ visits in order to supervise your DIY tooth whitening treatment. Also using home teeth whitening kits can be dangerous to you as they may contain higher concentrations of bleach in them that can ruin your gums. 

Teeth Whitening Cost: 

A home whitening teeth kit for the DIY procedure may cost $610. On the other hand, when you visit the office for teeth whitening, Teeth Whitening Dentist cost up to $260 a tooth. And the cost of laser Teeth Whitening Houston TX can range between $400 to $1,500. 

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