22 Aug

Most people do not go to the dental checkups as required. However, it is very important that you schedule regular visits to the female dentist near me. If you do not think that there is a reason to go for the checkups, then you really need to give it a second thought.


If you think it is costly to go for these checkups, then you may have to think again. You will end  up paying a lot of money in the long run when you fail to go for regular dental checkups. Here are reasons why you should get regular dental checkups to the dentist orthodontist near me.

Helps detect oral cancer

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can progress quickly and become life threatening. Luckily, oral cancer in its early stages can be treated. The dental care center dentist will conduct a velscope exam to detect if you have oral cancer. Go for a dental checkup every six months makes it easy for the dentist to determine if you have oral cancer. The velscope exam is pain free and only takes about two minutes.

Plaque and tartar

Even when you brush or floss your teeth as recommended, there are still some areas that you will miss. Once plaque builds up, it is not easy to remove. It turns into tartar which you cannot removed without the help of a professional dentist. Going for the professional cleaning will prevent tartar from creating holes in teeth. The holes will lead to cavities which will require you to have the tooth filled or extracted. You can avoid this by going for the regular dental checkups. You will save money going to the emergency dentist cost going for the cleaning as compared to what you will pay for filling.

 Gum disease

Tartar and plaque buildup can also leas to tooth decay but will erode the tissues in the mouth's gum. The dentist can use dental crown to help save your tooth. When tartar buildups it can lead to an infection in the area where the gum is connected to the teeth. Thus, it will make the gum pull away from the tooth. The infection is known as gingivitis. It will lead to bleeding, swelling and soreness. Your tooth will start falling out and you will have to go to the dentist to ha sit treated. Treating a gum disease will be costly since you may have to go for medications, surgery and deep cleaning. You can avoid such visits by going for regular dental cleanings every six months.

Keep bad habits in check

There are several bad habits that can affect your health. There are some that you may be unaware are the cause for your dental problems. Such bad habits include clenching your jaw, biting your nails, chewing ice, grinding teeth and eating hard sweet. Others are brushing tooth too hard, smoking and drinking coffee.

Going for regular checkups, the dentist will check if you have any oral damage caused by the bad habits. Knowing about the bad habits will help you to change and prevent further damage to your teeth. Visit the dental emergency clinic near me every six months to help fix the damages that has been done.

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